African Black Soap


****NEW**** Palm Free African Black Soap

Rejuvenate the skin when you use this African Black Soap.



Rejuvenate the skin while reducing unsightly signs of premature aging when you use this African Black Soap. This soap is packed full of antioxidants that are designed to relieve the dark spots on your skin, helping to return to its naturally youthful glow. Furthermore, those antioxidants can help fight against fine lines and wrinkles, giving the skin a smoother, more supple appearance. The soap has been known to help with itchy conditions on the skin while the natural anti-inflammatory properties help to reduce inflammation. Natural antibacterial properties may help fight against acne outbreaks. Our African Black Soap (ABS) is made in the traditional way using plantain skins or cocoa pod ash and tree bark.

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Unrefined shea butter, (palm kernel oil), virgin coconut oil, plantain skin, cocoa pod ash, water