Hairline Repairer Oil


Get back your confidence and regrow your hairline with this Hairline Repairer Oil.


Get back your confidence by taking control over your hair again with this Hairline Repairer Oil. Made with all-natural ingredients designed to stimulate hair growth, you may be able to fill in your hairline and eliminate the thinner or balding patches of hair on your head. This oil uses biotin and cold-pressed castor oil which are known to help the hair to regrow thicker and stronger. Cayenne pepper is included in this oil as a way to naturally stimulate the blood circulation in your scalp, which can also help grow the hair. Blended with several other ingredients and essential oils, this potent oil will come to your rescue.

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Cold-pressed castor oil, biotin, glycerin, cayenne pepper, vitE, black tea, onion, garlic, hibiscus, and pure essential oils.